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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Ohio

With thousands of lakes and other bodies of water to its credit, Ohio is a beautiful place to live if you’re a boat owner or a water sports enthusiast. There’s nothing like the feeling of being out on the water when it’s perfect and sunny out. Protecting that feeling makes sense, and that’s precisely what the right Ohio watercraft insurance is all about. If you’re in Parma, OH, or anywhere nearby, Capretta Insurance Agency can match you with the best policy for you.

Am I Required to Carry Watercraft Insurance in Ohio?

The state of Ohio does not require you to carry watercraft insurance. However, a smart boat or watercraft owner would still never dream of being without it. Boating accidents are common occurrences, even if you’re vigilant and careful. If you’re involved in one and aren’t covered, you could wind up liable for significant damages and other costs.

Plus, your boat is a significant piece of property and likely represents a considerable investment for you. If it’s ever damaged, in an accident or by other means, you’ll be glad you protected it with the right watercraft policy.

What Types of Watercraft Insurance Should I Consider?

The term “watercraft” covers a lot of ground, so associated insurance does as well. Someone who owns a sailboat or a fishing boat is going to have different needs than someone who needs to cover a houseboat or a jet ski. However, there are generally two major categories to consider.

  • Liability coverage covers the costs of accidents when you’re at fault. Examples include the medical bills of anyone harmed, as well as damages to other boats or property.
  • Collision coverage protects your boat in the event a collision, a storm, or other occurrence damages it.

Some boat owners may wish to consider additional options like equipment coverage, wreckage removal coverage, commercial fishing coverage, and more as well. If you’re in Parma, OH, and looking for the right watercraft coverage, call Capretta Insurance Agency or visit our offices. Together we’ll figure out which coverage picks are the best fit for your needs.


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