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Ohio Motor Home insurance coverage

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Motor Home Insurance in Ohio

Recreational vehicles like motorhomes, trailers, and the like offer families of all sizes a comfortable, versatile way to travel. However, it’s critical to make sure to protect your investment with the right Ohio motorhome insurance policy. If you’re in the Parma, OH area, and looking for the right coverage options for you and your family, Capretta Insurance Agency can help.

Am I Required to Carry Motorhome Insurance in Ohio?

The state of Ohio requires all drivers to carry insurance regardless of the type of vehicle they drive, including RVs. According to the law, you must carry liability insurance at a bare minimum, but you should consider investing in comprehensive coverage instead. Among other possibilities, you could have an accident that incurs damages over and above what your policy will cover. You may wish to protect your investment in your motorhome in other ways as well, and a comprehensive insurance policy can help.

What Types of Ohio Motorhome Insurance Are Available to Me?

Most Ohio motor vehicle insurance options apply to motorhomes and RVs as well. Examples to consider will include the following:

  • Additional property damage and bodily injury coverage to protect you in the event you’re ever involved in a severe and high-cost accident.
  • Comprehensive and collision insurance to cover damages associated with other causes.
  • Equipment coverage to protect additional investments in trailers, GPS systems, and more
  • Roadside assistance coverage, which can be a lifesaver if you’re ever stranded

Choosing the Right Ohio Insurance Agency for You

There’s a lot to consider before deciding what type and how much motorhome insurance is right for you. Do you drive your motorhome frequently, or does it stay parked perpetually? Are you looking to cover a trailer or similar option typically towed behind another vehicle? How concerned are you about the possibility of being involved in an accident? The right insurance agent can help you make sense of your options, and at Capretta Insurance Agency, we are proud to do so in Parma, OH. Call or stop by our offices to schedule your consultation today!


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